Mystery hot purple pepper...

ateinthehead(5b)January 19, 2011

This is my favorite plant and can't figure out what it is and it's starting to drive me nutty! I planted some different varieties of open pollinated seed this year and this little bugger showed up. Only grows to about 12' tall and grows outward like a canopy. All green foliage and stems with white flowers that are erect. Fruit starts off erect then pendulous. Fruit size is up to 1 1/2" and starts off lime until it gets sun then turns dark purple. Changes to lavender, yellow, orange, then red when ripe. As far as heat, I don't eat them, but husband and sis say it's got a hell of a wallop. I dug it up to over winter it and is happy as can be still giving me fruits. Reminds me of a miniature tree form wisteria. Any help would be great figuring it out!

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Looks like a purple jalapeno to me! They turn red when ripe.Just like there brother.

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Too small and potent to be jalapenos. The one in the photo is only an inch long. I'm thinking it's a cross that came with the Bolivian Rainbow seeds purchased last year. Whatever it may be, it still remains my favorite.

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naturalstuff(Z6 / CT)

Serrano Purple....I grow them every year. :)

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I know photos make it kind of hard to decipher, but that's not it either :( Too tall, peppers too big, color change isn't right. The plant is a little raggy from my $#*% cat, but I'll take more pics tomorrow and post them including the tiny immature pods.

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Posted- White Flowers...

I have lots of purple flowered and podded peppers but only a few that are purple podded like that have white flowers.

I've got white flowered stuff that turns purple from the sun but not many like these that purple seems to be a color change rather than an enviornmental thing.
Purira are similar to your pods but hardly any on my plants ended up being pendant.

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Looks like an ornamantal pepper to me, maybe Numex Twilight?

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OK, I may be totally off base here but,It looks like sunscald to me. I have had peppers right next to each other and for some reason or another one will get that black sunscald and the other wont? But they always ripen true to color.
And the green at the top sorta leads me to believe that is the case. JMO

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It's not sun scald or blushing. The lime color typically stays at the base until the pod if full grown. It only appears more prominent now from the lack of sunlight. Very pretty when it really gets going. Reminds me of a bonsai scale tree form wisteria.

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Hi,I have some purple peppers look very much like these that I have had for many years,they grow facing upwards.My nephew gave them to me from his friend who said he got them from Brazil so that's what I call them Brazilian peppers...
I sell pepper plants and these are one of the most popular ones I have.

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I purchased the same pepper two years ago from pepper joes.
Flourescent purple....

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