Where should I move my hornworm?

tigerdawn(7)June 12, 2011

I found my first tomato hornworm today on a Homestead Flynn's Tomato plant. He hasn't done much damage yet and is still small but I'd like to give him a new home. I have an angel trumpet (upward facing blooms). Will that work? I might be able to dig a nightshade out of the park, or maybe plant some yukon gold potatoes that are sprouting in my cabinet. Whichever would be best but also not a tomato. :-)

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Lisa will probably say move him to the angel trumpet, but personally I would mail him to Lisa. LOL

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LOL, Carol!

Yes, the datura is probably a good place to put him. I think that is what Dawn does with hers.

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Awesome! Thanks. I'll move him in the morning... if I get up in time.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


I move them someplace...any place. Some of them don't seem to be as fond of daturas as tomato plants and sometimes will leave it after I place them there (picky eaters!), so I usually stick a leftover tomato plant or two outside the garden fence in a semi-shady area and move them to it when I find them. They rarely reappear in the garden after that though so I think that when I move them to a datura and they then leave it, they must go find some native nightshades on their own, which isn't hard because the pastures are full of them. When I put them on one of the leftover tomato plants, sometimes they eat it and sometimes they don't. The reason I put the leftovers in a semi-shady spot is so that I don't start thinking I ought to 'protect' them from the hornworms so I'll get tomatoes from them too. I put them in a shady enough spot that they'll make leaves but not tomatoes which means I leave those plants alone and let the hornworms have them!


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I found another one this morning. I put them in a little cricket carrier with some tomato and datura leaves. I thought it would be neat to see them grow and molt and stuff. I haven't raised caterpillars since I was a kid. Looks like they are the tobacco hornworms, the ones with the stripes as opposed to the v's.

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