GreenDean7January 4, 2012

What would be a good pepper for a 1st time gardener in north consider?

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Depends on the heat you like.

Annuums are about the easiest in general,then frutescens.
A lot of the common Hybrids for Anaheim,Paprika,Pimento,Cayenne and Jalapenos are pretty bullet proof.

Frutescens are usually great producers of smaller pods that have a quick short burst of intense heat.

Baccatums can be big or pot sized plants that put out a lot of med. to hot ,very late ripening pods.

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Jalapeno is a great pepper to start with. Many types with variating heat and like smoke said very easy to grow.

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esox07 (4b)

I have found orange habs to be easy to grow...They are on the upper end of the heat spectrum. not super hot, but hot.

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When should I try to plant jalapenos or orange habs in north ga?

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You could plant out right after the last freeze. I think that would be mid march or early April in your parts.
You can purchase these from home depot if you don't want to start from seed.

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esox07 (4b)

Yes, Romy6 is correct. I start mine indoors about 3-4 months before I can plant them outside as I have a much shorter growing season than GA. And you can fine Jalopenos and Orange Habs at most garden centers so that makes it real easy. That is what I did my first year. I grew a Hab and a Cayenne from starters from Home Depot.
I would try starting some seeds indoors a month or so before last freeze. If they don't make it, you can always head to Home Depot for starters. Growing from seeds feels a bit more gratifying in my opinion.
Good luck,

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