I was counting our flowers, today...

wbonesteel(7)June 22, 2013

I planted about a hundred daffodil bulbs, today, too. That makes somewhere around a hundred and eighty daffodils on the property, if they all come up next year. Add about two hundred and eighty irises... Thirty-five or forty glads, a handful of hollyhocks, a couple dozen blazing stars, a dozen old fashioned day lilies, about a thousand alliums - if and when they stop pouting over the move - a couple dozen grape hyacinths, three surprise lilies, a few poppies, four begonias, eight lobelias, two butterfly bushes, a couple of coneflowers, four roses, about eighteen lavender plants, a couple of dozen alyssum and one lonely cosmos...and something else that I'm forgetting, at the moment, whatever it is...

Most of those flowers have been planted or transplanted over the last six months.

By this time next year, it oughta be kinda colorful around here.
Then, there's the fruits, herbs and veggies...

All on a quarter acre lot, with a house and with grass to mow...

Sometimes, I ask myself: "Warren! What in the world were you thinking?" Other times, I think: "Dang. I did good!" It kinda balances out that way...

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Sounds like it will be beautiful when it blooms!! I have pulled up lots of daffodils and have them sitting around in piles. I have a hill I would like to plant them on but not sure if thats ever gonna happen. Not sure the guys would appreciate me taking up grass space for the cows either.

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Well, you grab a bucket full of daffys and sneak out there when no one's around...plant them and let them go. Daffys yearn to be free, you know.

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