a word of praise for this grower

MzMolly65(7)September 15, 2013

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this or not, if not please forgive me.

I wanted to let everyone know of Pure Peonies in the Bellingham, Washington area.

I visited their farm today for the first time and was incredibly impressed. I spent close to an hour talking with one 1/2 of the husband and wife owner team. Renel Anderson was so friendly, helping me choose the right peony for my needs and wants.

I love their organic growing processes and the fact that they have many varieties not common to the box stores. While I was there they were actively shipping peonies out to fill on-line orders.

I think they're worth mentioning and I have no interest in the company besides being a very happy customer. I came home with two Elsa Sass (wish I could have afforded a whole bunch more but budget said not right now)


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I ordered from them for the first time this year, glad to hear they impressed you! Wish I lived near enough to visit one of the big growers......

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Lovely. Elsa Sass is a beautiful flower.

Amber of Pure Peonies was very nice when we traded emails. Apparently, they had a faulty email link and so they never received my first emails asking for the specifics on shipping. By chance, they sent an email when they saw I had cancelled orders when I went through their automated system to determine shipping and certificate fees. She was very apologetic about missing my previous communications.

If anyone has tried to email them and didn't get a response, I would suggest trying them again.

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