How long will peony sprout from seed?

rainbow_catzSeptember 7, 2013

I bought peony seeds and the seller said that it will sprout in about 29 days,
But when I read posts in this web I'm shocked that peonies will need 3 seasons to sprout, and on the 3rd year it will have flowers. Does it take so long?
What is actually the right time for peony to sprout?
And is there a way to make everything quicker?

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I've not tried peonies from seed yet but plan to this year. The method I'm going to use is to put the seed in moist vermiculite in the fridge to see what germinates, then move those to small pots. I'll put the small pots in the ground in a new raised bed created last spring. If everything goes well I think there should be some visible growth next spring, maybe even later.

Everything I've read indicated that it would be a minimum of 3 years before they're blooming size. There have been many strings here in the past about growing from seed, if you're unsure I'd suggest you do a search for growing peonies from seed to get info from those on the forum who've done it before. Good luck with your seed!

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peonyman(Zone 5, Lawrence, Ks)

If seed are fresh they will sprout the next spring after planting in the fall. I generally plant seeds in the ground outside. I have much better luck that way than when I try to carry them through the winter in a pot. They need a warm period after planting for the initial germination to occur, next they have to have a cold period then they send up a leaf in the spring. If the seeds are not fresh they will come up the second spring. I have never had a seedling to bloom before it is 5 years old. Patience is the key.

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I searched that the way to make the seed sprout fast is by scarifying its hard coat with sandpaper, so I tried,,,,and days went by,, and now one of my peony seed has white spots on it. Is that fungus??? will it rot?

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