new thread!!! - holiday seed swap

jtightJanuary 4, 2014

Have completed fulfilling orders for everyone!!! :)

Stuff will be mailed out next week. :)

Couple items:
1. The red seed packets you rec'd are Trinidad Scorpion seeds from me. I did not have time to write out 200 packets a/ proctor the swap.
2. Understand that I did my best to fill requests based on availability of seeds sent in. As result you did NOT get everything you wanted; however, I substituted where I could.
3. In addition to requested items, everyone got a handful of diff. seed types to try. ENJOY

Thank you everyone for sending in seeds to swap with your fellow pepper lovers. Esp. those "super members" that mailed in packets a/ requested nothing in return. As result of your generosity a lot of our "newbies" will get seeds and grow (addicted).

I hope everyone is satisfied with the peppers rec'd. I def. learned a lot about the 1000's of pepper types we have based on what was sent in a/or requested. Hopefully one day we can have seeds for all the ~3k types there are.

Thanks everyone

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Although. as a nubee, i had no the need to participat, but I have read the thread often and I would like to commend your efforts in engaging in this difficult task, to keep the heat on.
Maybe our winters will be just a bit warmer in anticipation. LOL

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Thanks for turning everyone here into addicts :)

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lexxluthor(5 Syracuse)

Thanks Johnny for all the hard work during the 13 seed swap and thanks to all members who donated so generously and accepted nothing in return.

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em247(5a IA)

Well done. This is the most organized and efficient swap I've been a part of. Thank you for all of your hard work and I look forward to receiving my package. : )

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Will there be another pepper seed swap closer to spring? I missed out and am a newbie.

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Everything mailed out today. You should have packages by Mon/Tues. If you do not receive anything by next Friday get w/ me, outside of GW, to discuss.


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Woohoo! Got my package today. Got most of the seeds on my Wish List plus some other interesting ones to try. Thanks Johnny, the donators, and the holiday seed swappers on this forum!!!

Time to pull out the heating mats and the fluorescent lights and get these babies going.

Dammit! I gonna NEED more backyard space. I might have to get rid of the lawn :) lol. Is this the beginning of the addiction?

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lexxluthor(5 Syracuse)

Also received today with much more than my wish list. Thanks Johnny and to all the members who helped many newbies get a chance to grow a large assortment of peppers that we might never had a chance to ever grow if not for the generosity of forum members. Thanks too all!!!!

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Holy sh%t! Thank you Johny and thank you to all the participants of this amazing event. What a way to end my day. Had a rough day. Was going to start most of my superhots today. Also have a nice dinner with my wife with some of my famous chili. Low and behold while cutting veggies this morning, what do I do ... Carelessly cut the tip of my thumb off. Not cool. Spent a good portion of day getting fixed up. Get home to see that my sister came over to finished the chili for me. I was very happy. Then my wife grabbed the mail and said you have a package. Opened it and was like damn.... That's a lot of goodies. Thank you so much everyone for turning this day around for me!!!!!! Chiliheads are the best people around!!!!!!!!!

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Redneck if you email me I could possibly help ya

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twosunsaz(z9 AZ)

I am a newby here and had nothing to contribute,and would have been grateful for just a few packets.To say I was BOWLED OVER by the number of pkts I received and the wide range of varieties from mild/medium to the hottest of the super hots is kinda like sayin "the Grand Canyon is just a big ditch in northern Arizona" !!

My hat is off to all you very generous donors and a special thanks to Mr jtight for all the time and effort involved in making this endeavor the great success it turned out to be.

I 'm gonna spread some of these seed amongst my gardening friends and hopefully we'll have plenty fresh seed to contribute to future swaps. Just payin it forward!

Thanks again, and a great day to all. ~ Scott ~

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THANK YOU everyone for helping a pepper newbie feel welcome! And especially jtight for organizing such a massive swap. I'll have trouble deciding what to plant, as I got such a variety!

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pepperchuck(8b coastal MS)

Jtight, thank you for putting this all together! You've made my season!!!

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Seems like everyone is happy about what got mailed back to them. :)

I enjoyed hosting as it was a good learning experience for me as well. Be happy to again.

Again appreciate those who donated w/o not requesting anything in return.

If you feel negative about the swap, pls email a/ I'll see what I can do to make it better.

Now get out there a/ grow!!!


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Jtight, Thank you so much for putting so much time and effort together for this swap to make others happy. I'm a firm beleiver in karma and you have some good stuff coming your way. I was so happy to recieve that package and even happier once I opened it! Had to buy a new light today for all of the new additions! I also want to thank all of the members here who contributed seeds for this swap. Gardners in general seem to be good down to earth people, but you pepper people are the cream of the crop! Thank you all again for your generosity, If there is anything I can do for you in the future please ask. Pics to follow. Chad

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Many of you got a packet of St. Peter. As stated on the label this is believed to be a hybrid of Peter and Unknown. I recommend that you grow it - it is tasty and quite prolific.

If you do grow it, please post your results later in the year. I want to see if it is stable.


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I got one of your packet. Thanks.

I was going to ask here but was afraid to. What does St. Peter look like because I cannot find a picture of it on Google. Does St. Peter pepper look like Peter? Is it bigger or smaller than Peter? Will it scare the wifey? pun intended...


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Dang!! I'm too late again. I am looking for hot peppers to try and wish I would have made this swap. Will there be another one soon? Thank you

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This was amazing how many seeds were in the packet! In the next seed swap I hope I'll be able to contribute. Thank you so much for all your hard work Johnny and everyone who contributed!

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@becki25msmolly - not 100%. We may wait a couple of months

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Hope everyone who participated is happy w/ outcomes.


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DMForcier(8 DFW)

There is only one St. Peter and it is currently in my garage producing Yet More Pods. I posted a side-by-side picture at some point but didn't save a link (Clip).

I named St. Peter that because it isn't obscene like its Daddy Peter. Think of it as Mother Nature airbrushing the naughty bits. Pod size is a little smaller than Peter; plant size is considerably larger than the Peters I handled this year. As for the floral note, there is some of that in Daddy, but lots more in the saintly offspring.

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Thanks Johnny for your hard work. Swap was a success. Good luck everyone w/ their peppers!


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Well done Jtight. It is obvious that you put quite a bit of effort into this. I did get my package and I am very happy with I got. They will be put to good use. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

DMForcier - I did get some of your St Peters. Thanks for the explanation. I will grow some of them and keep you up to date.

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Great swap. Thank you, Johnny, for doing this swap for us and to all those who contributed. Its going to be a very hot summer!
What were the ones in the pink packet?

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I was curious about the St. Peter too. Will post back with results. Looking forward to massive amounts of peppers!

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