Help me decide on a new peony

daylilly99(6b northern VA)September 30, 2007

I decided I can make room for one more right now and want to get the best possible choice for me.

My criteria are it has to be beautiful, double, fragrant to very fragrant, strong stems for cutting and if it didn't require staking that would be wonderful - though I suppose that's not possible with full doubles.

I already have Festiva Maxima, Lady Alexander Duff, Pink Hawaiian Coral, Raspberry Sundae, Raspberry Sorbet/Sorbet?. Also, (thank you Eric) I believe I also have Amalia Olsen, Xi Shi Fen and Xi Shi Lan.

What should be the next name on my list and why? Also, can you recommend where to get it?

Thanks - Pat

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You've got some great ones!

My personal favorite is Vivid Rose. The color is stunning and rich and the scent is lovely. The stems are sturdy, but I do put a ring around it always rains right after it blooms.

I bought mine at Countryman's Peony Farm in Northfield, VT. I don't think they offered it this year.

I'm also fond of my Myrtle Tischler. Then there's Gold Standard and LaPinja...those two are singles, fragrant and don't need to be staked...expanding my envelope! ;-D


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