Please help with tree peony

KarenPA_6bSeptember 18, 2013

i bought a tree peony which appears to be a division from the main plant. Although there are many stems, it does not look like there are much roots. Can someone with tree peonies growing experience advise me on how I can best help it to survive and grow? How can I stimulate the feeder roots to grow? Thanks in advance. Karen

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I would dip the cut end in hormone, not that I would expect roots to grow there, although they might, but the fungicide in the hormone would help keep it from rotting. Plant it a little deeper than what it was before, you can see the soil line on the root. Keep the soil moist, I am not sure how much more time in your zone the soil remains warm and encourages root growth. I would expect root growth to break out from dormant buds in the bark. Al

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Thank you, Al. I am in PA and last frost date is around Oct.15. I will do as you advised and hope for the best.

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