powdery mildew question - sorry!

emmgusSeptember 13, 2007

hi there,

i have 2 two year old festiva maximas that did beautifully this year. i have been careful to only water them at the bottom, but i think all the rain in our area this year has done them in. they both have signs of mildew, not too bad, but it's there.

my questions are these: should i bother to do anything (organic only) about it this year? i'm planning to put a few more white doubles in soon, and i don't want a big problem on my hands in the future. also, can i treat them with something either now or in the spring to help prevent it next year? any good tried and true methods?

thanks in advance for any advice!

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For powdery mildew I spray with ultrsfine horticultural oil, or neem oil. Nothing will remove the damage already done, but the oil is effective in preventing more of it. You may need to spray every week or two if conditions continue. When you remove the foliage at seasons end I would spray the soil with Bordeaux mixture. Al

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thanks al for your response. i am planning to use horticultural oil on another plant that had scale this summer, so i guess i will do both that and the peonies. i've never used bordeaux mixture, i'm assuming i can look up the recipe. thanks for the tips.

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Recipe is the right word. Bordeaux must be made when you need to use it. It is one of the messiest concoctions ever to use, stains everything, but lasts in the garden through most rains. Al

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Al, do you ever just sprinkle it on the ground in the spring? Do I have to spray it? I'm cleaning up peony foilage now and there is a lot of dry stuff. These peonies got hailed on 4 times this year and a lot of the top foilage dried up. I have never made a spray out of bordeaux, just sprinkled it on. It came in a package with holes in the top.

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Premixed Bordeaux will not compare with freshly made. Google Bordeaux mix and I am sure directions how to make your own will be available. Al

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