Best Time of Year to Spray for Termites?

walt1(7 a)January 13, 2010

Hello Folks,

I've discovered temites in my basement.There is a chemical by the name Trimodor(not sure of the spelling).

Does anyone know where to get the best price.I've seen a price of $53.00 for a 20OZ.bottle which would treat the perimeter of my house.I know this stuff is exspensive, but this is suppose to be best to use. Instead of repelling termites...this chemical is undetected by them...which allows those(termites) which come into contact with it to infect the entire colony.

Also,should this be applied in spring before they swarm?

Is there a certain temperature to wait for?

Thanks In Advance


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Might that possibly be Termidor? This is a Restricted Use Pesticide and can only be sold to a licensed pesticide applicator. The best thing to do is find a good, competent pest control person to do the work for you. Seldom is anything you can buy and apply effective at controlling termites in your house.

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The other thing is that termite queens fly, and colonies burrow in tubes of mud into the house. Spraying would not defeat either one. Better to find someone that knows what they are doing and has insurance incase something goes wrong. Baits that the termites take back to the nest are more effective in killing the whole thing rather than just a passing insect.

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