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trishmick(z7NJ)April 27, 2013

Received a $100 gift card for my birthday recently to a nursery where I buy my annual flats every year. 48 ct. for $8.99. They usually have inexpensive tropicals as well. Just went up there with the plan to get a few flats of flowers and maybe a queen, majesty or two, or whatever struck my fancy in the greenhouse. Well, no queens or majesties in sight, and I wasn't real thrilled with the flat selection just yet. However, lots of 3 gallon windmills for $16, and much bigger ones for more of course. Then saw the 15 gallon pindos they had for $100. Great looking trees. Suddenly torn as to what to do. I want to try a pindo in ground here since my windmill has become so large, but didn't have room in the car even if I bought one. So, now I'm wondering, do I borrow my brother's truck and use the gift card on 1 pindo, or, spread the wealth around with flower flats, queens and majesties when they come in, and maybe another small windmill or two. Thoughts?

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I would personally not pay the 100.00 for the single, large Pindo. I don't care what you have heard to the contrary, Pindos grow super fast. You can get several smaller ones, containerize them for a season or two and before long you will have monsters. I have several large ones that were once tiny ones purchased on eBay. I tried one in the ground a few seasons ago, it died unprotected in a record snowy season. So, am content for now with them in large tubs. In tubs mine are outside (along with Queens, Washys, and Dates fir most of the year anyway). You might want to try Needles or Sabal minor in the ground, btw.. Pindos can deal with the cold better if kept dry but our winters can be wet. You can always plant more Tracys--planted either solitary or in GROUPS! Try planting a Trachy forest perhaps.

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6 windmills hands down. The Trachy forest will look so much better, than one pindo that you have to lug inside, or make a shelter for. In 5 years your windmill grove will be awseome, and your pindo will be a huge pain in the butt.

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it is amazing how palm prices vary around the country... here in California, most places sell 15 gal Butias for under $40... but some other palms cost a fortune that are nearly 'freee' in Florida. Guess there is always some place that is easier and cheaper to grow something than somewhere else. Depends a lot on how much heat and water there is for free.

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Yeah, go with the windmills en masse. Pindos are too tender. I just lost my pindo after its second winder with protection and I'm a good 100 miles south of you. Just not worth it. Lovely palm if you're in 8b.

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Well, I did not get the Pindo. Instead, 4 flats of annuals (48 plants per), A very nice hanging pot for my koi pond, and a 3 gal. Windmill. I have about $34 left on the gift card. In a little quandary yet again, however, as to spending the remainder. They now have Queens in...man, do they have Queens in. These trees are huge. At miniumum 15ft. tall, but no price tag. Asked at the checkout, and was told they were $34. No way in hell one of these suckers was fitting in my car, so I told the guy I'd probably be back. Have 2 much smaller ones from this place the last 2 yrs. , so, it's not like I need one...but...they're huge, and to my way of thinking, very reasonably priced. Do i go back and get one, or just fill in with smaller items...more flats say, or a nice mandevilla trellis? On a side note, stopped at a place just a couple of miles down the road on my way home and saw the same windmill I had just purchased for $15.99 being sold for $59.99. And, same Pindo I originally fretted over at my place for $99 going here at $189.99. Amazing.

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