Small orange bug with black legs Help I.D.

asclepchris(5)January 19, 2007

Have lots of small orange bugs on mandavilla vine in greenhouse. All up and down vines. They move slowly and have black legs. Easy to squish. What is it and what kind of pesticide will control it? Thanks a little bigger then mealy bugs can be seen with naked eye.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Perhaps aphids?

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Loretta NJ Z6

Scroll down this link to the picture under "Newly hatched wheel bugs" and "Assassin Bug Nymph". Does that look like your orange bugs? If so, they are beneficial.

Here is a link that might be useful: What's that Bug? Assasin Bug page

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I have the same little orange bug with black legs on my mandavilla. After some looking on the web i finally found out what they are.
oleander aphids
Here is some info
These interesting orange aphids with black legs, antennae, and cornicles (strange, small appendages on their abdomens) are known as oleander aphids.
In a society of where everyone is or will soon be a momma, populations of oleander aphids explode click *here* for larger image.
We think that oleander aphids originated in the Mediterranean region and traveled to this country with their host plant - oleander. They are common in the warm southern and western states where oleander thrives, but in cooler latitudes oleander aphids make their home on several types of milkweeds in fields and gardens. The ability to give live birth and the elimination of males allows a few oleander aphids to generate a bazillion daughters and granddaughters in just a few weeks. Like their relatives the rose aphid, they are attacked and killed by a host of predators and parasites

I have sprayed using my rose spray for aphids. I am hoping this will work!

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