esox07 (4b)February 6, 2012

Well, after only 5 days, I have sprouts. I was surprised to get any this early but what really surprised me was that of the two varieties that have sprouted, one is Butch T - Trinidad Scropions. I was expecting a good 10 days or so for them to sprout but some in each of the three cells has already sprung up. I got those from armac1965. Thanks. I also have some Red Tree Habanero's sprouting that came to me by way of Smokemaster. thanks.

Here is some of the Butch T's:

And here are some of the Red Tree Habs:


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The Butch T's that I have sprouted fast as well, in fact they beat my habs, bhuts, and golden cayenne peppers by several days.

It made me question the purity of my seed (bought from amazon) but if you are having similar results, perhaps its just the nature of the beast so to speak.

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My non-butch scorpions have had a sprout or two already as well, beating up just about everything else save the tomatoes.

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My Butch T's are slow going. I've got only one (of four) that looked like it might break the surface today, almost two weeks after putting them in the starter. I tossed another five seeds in a paper towel/ziploc that are also showing no signs of life.

The NuMex Twilights were up in about 4 days, the Christmas Bells were a day or two after that.

The 7 Pot Douglahs still show no signs of life. :(

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esox07 (4b)

Mbellot: Your results are more the results I expected with my seeds. I was expecting the super hots to take longer to germinate than the others. My Twilights are making noise after 6 days.

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Great job!


No signs of life from the Douglahs!?!?

If you're out of seeds and don't get any sprouts soon send me a note and I'll send you a few more. I haven't tasted the Butch T's yet but after suffering through a Douglah sting I can't imagine anything hotter.


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Forgot to add my first Butch T's sprouted after 9 days. Started 21 seeds and 6 are up 14 days later. Not happy with germination percentage.

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Great job Bruce thats some fast germination for hots and super hots. My Bhuts sprout in 10 days or less. So far my 7 pot took the longest almost 3 weeks almost gave up on them, I even started additional 7pot seeds then bam! one sprouted and waiting on more. Keep us posted on their progress.

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Aaaaaaalriiight! Let the fun begin!

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esox07 (4b)

Bill: If I recall, you sent me the Black Cubans and Twilights. I don't think you sent me any Douglahs. I may be wrong but I think that is what you sent.
As far as progress goes, I have sprouts from all varieties except the the Big Jims and the Pepperoncinis. The Sweet Bananas, Jalapeno (just starting), Red Tree Habs, Butch T's, Black Cubans and Twilights have all started sprouting.

One thing I want to say however is that heat works. I was a bit skeptical about how much heat would help. But I can just tell that it really does help. When looking at my two trays of 18 - 3" containers, the containers on the interior clearly have more and bigger sprouts in all varieties. My heat mats are 20x20 and my trays are 20x10. I had both trays on one heat mat to start but could tell there was a temp difference on the exterior edges as I have a dual thermometer and I placed one probe in a center cell and one in an exterior cell. The temp difference was about 10 degrees. Then I felt the heat mat and found that there was no heat in the outside two inches or so of the mat. So, I put each tray on it's own heat mat but the right and left edges still are starved for heat a bit. And, lo and behold, those cells are showing slower germination. So make sure that if you get a heat mat, make sure that you buy one bigger than the footprint of your grow setup. I also highly recommend a thermostat. It would be easy to cook the seedlings without one.

Oh, and I can tell the Black Cubans and Twilights are going to be ornamentals, their sprouts are even sporting some nice color:


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Very cool pic.

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scotty66(8 Hutto TX)

great pic Bruce! what kind of camera you using?

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esox07 (4b)

Canon Elph 300 HS. They are 12mp I think and I just leave it on auto everything and it does a great job. They go for about $149 just about everywhere which is what I got mine for about two months ago.

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Very nice pic. That must be the Cuban because my Twilights don't have the same coloring.


I've only got four Douglah seeds planted. If nothing pops by the weekend I may toss a couple more in a baggie to see if that works.

Here is one shot of my lone Butch T. Still hasn't poked his head out of the ground, but it's nice to see the stem greening up.

And one of the Twilights showing off it's first true leaf. :)

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nice pictures you guys... I might have to get my cannon sx120 out and take a few of my sprouts.

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awww, Bruce, such sweet looking babies!!!! They are adorable. I just wish my habs germinated as fast, stupid choc habs have taken 25 days and I'm still waiting for some. Silly Bhuts are popping up in 1/3 the time. So frustrating.

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