Unknown Peony With Few Blooms

lionheart_gwSeptember 30, 2007

Hi folks,

I've been reading through this board and have to make a decision regarding an unknown but very fragrant peony.

This peony was a "shared" plant and no one knows what it is, but it is by far the most fragrant of the 8 peonies I have in various beds.

It would probably be easier to identify if it had more blooms. This past spring was the third year in the bed and the first year it bloomed, and the plant is about 3 feet high and equally as wide. It only put out 2 or 3 blooms on one side of the plant this year.

It smelled so heavenly that I want more blooms from it. :-)

It's in a bed with a rose, some daylilies, sedum, and a couple of other peonies. The bed is in full sun and the other 2 peony plants in that bed bloomed generously. The bed itself is well composted. I'm thinking that maybe the crown is planted too deeply, at least on one side since it only bloomed on one side.

So the dilemma is should I just try to remove some of the soil, or should I try to dig it up a bit, somewhat like re-adjusting its height? Or, could it be that it just needs to be a bit more mature to produce more blooms?

If I do have to re-adjust its position, is it better to wait until after the first hard frost or should I do it now?

Thank you!


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Where the plant has only been 3 years in a well composted bed I think you should be able to, with help, use a transplant spade on each side raise the whole peony to optimal height for your area. Now or a little later I don't think would matter. Al

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Thank you, Al!

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