Palm finally came in the mail

mike-jaramillo(Z6b)April 9, 2010

Brian it the ups driver dropped it off today. My new Phoenix dactylifera v. Medjool. I was very suprised to see how the leaves stand straight up and the leaves are so blue!!

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That's a nice one Mike

What are you going to do with it?
I am sure it will get even more blue outside-Nice!

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Thanx jim I was thinking of planting in the ground in between the two trachys. That spot does get alot of sun. How are the seedlings doing jim?

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Mike, good luck with your new date palm. I have not had much luck with this species. As with W. filifera, they really seem to resent humid, wet N.J. summers. The Phoenix species I do grow are Canary Island, Pygmy, Senegal, and Cliff Island. Though your picture makes me want to try yet again! I would suggest an extremely porous soil--add generous amounts of perlite and/or sand to your soil mix. Good luck1

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njoasis Its ultra humid here aswell. I hope its not doomed. I had a pure filifera mold on me a year or two ago. maybe I should turn of the irrigation next to spot I plan on planting this palm in. I have a large phoenix roebelenii it does very well. Thanx for the advice

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It looks really nice and healthy. I hope it does well for you. Keep us updated and good luck!

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