Anyone know Slovak? May be a "bad word".

poaky1April 27, 2013

A relative has called another relative something bad in Slovak or Chzech. I want to know what it is. Online searches are fruitless. I will try to write it as it sounds, but is probably spelled different than I think it is. Here goes: Null pole. Null as in null and void. And pole as "telephone pole". I hope someone knows the answer, and I know it is something bad. I will not tell the person about it unless it is not really bad. Thanks to anyone who can help.

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I can ask my brother. He knows more Czech than I do. My Czech vocabulary is extremely limited. I only learned and retrained a few words and phrases my father taught me. He didn't teach us us the language and used it when talking to his mother & siblings when they didn't want us to know what they were talking about. I can sing in Czech however, having learned many songs from my father when we listened to his favorite music together. The phrase you are asking about doesn't sound familiar in the spoken, written or lyrical Czech I know.

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Maybe he was calling him a Eunuch? (lacking a pole)
Not sure if I can type the American translation saying Cheney is Richardless.

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That's funny, vgkg!

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Possible reference to an actual Pole? Probably there is history of competition between Czechs and Poles?

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According to my husband, who grew up in a Czech speaking household, it doesn't sound like any slang or curse words that he's ever heard, and he's heard plenty... although, he said it might be from a Russian dialect that he isn't familiar with. There are many different dialects within that area of the world.

Sorry we can't be of more help.

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The words were between 2 women relatives, one a mother and the other her daughter. So no male insults apply. The spelling I used was how it sounded when heard, and probably was spelled very different in Slovak or Chzech. I may be suspecting it was a cuss word. It was an insult for sure though. When the daughter asked as an adult, her mom said she can't say. The pronunciation in Slovak sounds like the English words "Null pull" or Pole. The child is not Polish, so the slang Pole used at the time which would have been in the 1950's, should not apply. The daughter was the apple of her fathers eye, not in a funny or improper way, but the mother would be almost jealous of how the child was loved by her father. There was nothing but normal father and child love going on but the mother was a real Bi**H and slapped the daughter and said, "Your just like him" and if she told on her for slapping her she would get it worse. Thanks all who replied, I just wondered if anyone knew what these words meant.

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Words between 2 women? So my "Richard-less" theory is all wrong :(

But, I'll just add that if Cheney's first name was John, he'd still be 100% Richard to me :)

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Well, I guess I may never get the answer to this question. The mother in this scenario is dead. I have tried web searching the words and got hits to a site with bare-chested Chezch women. I am a Hetero (man lovin) woman. If it is an insult from mother to daughter, that's no surprise. I just am curiuos if it meant something more than a HORRIBLE woman degrading her daughter for being a daughter instead of a son. This hag worshipped her son and thought her son was so wonderful. The child (girl) was my mother. Come on now I hope someone can shed some light.

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Just bumping my question up, not to be rude, just hoping for an answer. Thanks

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