Rats in my garage - Yuck!

bhnash(z16(9) CA)February 22, 2009

For the first time in 9 years of living here, we have rats and/or deer mice in our garage. I have seen up to three at once, so I am sure there are more. We hear them in the ceiling too. We caught one deer mouse with a glue board, but then DH had to put the poor thing in the trash can, still alive, just stuck to the board, not fun. I have put my pantry items into rubbermaid tubs so they can't get to the food, but they are haven't gone away. I have looked at getting a Rat Zapper, but they run $50! Does anyone have any good tips on getting rid of these critters besides a cat?

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

You have to decide, is it my peace of mind or the mice/rats. If it's your peace of mind then throwing a live trapped mouse/rat in the garbage is something you have to live with.

The glue traps are the least expense and very effective if place around the walls.
I think these little critters have set up house keeping in your garage.

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Far better than a glue trap, which traps the vermin and holds them so they cannot get away to eat or ding so they starve to death (a very slow and painful one at that), would be the old fashioned spring traps tht more often than not break the wee buggers neck.

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"We caught one deer mouse with a glue board, but then DH had to put the poor thing in the trash can, still alive, just stuck to the board, not fun"

Why throw a live creature in the trash can like that so it starves to death?

There really is no excuse not to put it out of its misery. You're just being needlessly cruel... and if that's not a legal crime, then it is a moral one!

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bhnash(z16(9) CA)

I agree with you gavin08 and kimmsr that the glue traps are not the way to go, that is why I asked for help.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

bhnash, an acquaintance of mine had a problem with field mice in his outdoor shed and used several T-REX snap traps with great success. I forget what he baited them with, but I suspect that it doesn't matter too much.

I agree that traps will be your best bet, though you can lay some poison where a stray cat or dog can't get to it, as well.

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tom_nwnj(z6 NJ)

We've had mice in the basement before. I was able to catch them all with the baited cardboard tube hanging over a garbage can.

Not so with a rat. We HAD one (hopefully only one). He as too smart for the cardboard tube trick.

I got one of the TomCats. It caught the rat on the first try, probably immediate kill. The creature got one of the trap teeth right in the middle of his skull. Sorry to kill him, but had no choice.

For new purchasers, before putting bait on this thing, try it out first with a long toothpick type stick, or a narrow piece of cardboard. You will see the danger of the business end. Also, the trap has two holes in the back. I put 2 small screws through those, fastened the trap to a 3 foot long board. That was just to make sure that I didn't have rat parts flying around the garage.

Definitely a good product.

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Rats and mice carry disease so you shouldn't be squemish about killing them. I've never seen those sticky traps but I agree they are inhumane.

Use traps and bait them with peanutbutter. Rats and mice go for that over any other bait. Better a quick kill than a lingering death.

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The first time I had a rat problem I put down rat poison...and it worked. But then I had to smell them rotting. Finding their decomposing bodies (in the summer time in florida in the attic) was just horrible...but it did the trick.

I hadn't had a problem with rats since then. I don't take any chances with rats b/c they're loaded with diseases.

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bhnash, I would go with the snap traps - 3 or 4 of them because you seem to have a nest of rodents. Fasten them (superglue) along the baseboard where the rodents run. They cause a black trail wherever they track regularly. Apply the bait without setting the traps. It will probably take a few nights before they attempt to take the bait. Replenish with the same bait for a few nights. It helps to wash your hands with the same soap before so doing. This masks any human scent. When you feel that they are just waiting for the lights to go out and scampering in to snatch the bait, bait the traps and set them.
It is the original "bait & switch" plan and it works. It takes advantage of the rodent's suspicion and curiosity and man's patience to outwit his opponent.
In the meantime, arm yourself with a caulking gun and go over every square inch of the exterior of the residence and seal every opening which rodents can use for entry.

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What is that trap a electric operated kind?
I wonder if I can order this into Canada?
Won't mind paying the customs on it.

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