Almost new to growing peonies

kendal(8 PNW)September 1, 2009

I've had a couple plants that were already in the garden, pink, strong fragrance. Since then we have moved and I've got a whole new garden are to plant. I put up a maple, and just now ordered 3 peonies, Maestro, Bowl of Cream and Buck eye Belle.I ordered them from Adelman's Garden Peony in Oregon, since I live in the Seattle area I figured buying them from a nursery where the climate is almost the same a good idea. Until I got some more experience growing these I'll stay away from the expensive ones, but I really want a Canary Brilliants, Scarlet Heaven, Raggedy Anne.

Any of the ones I ordered alright to put in planters? I thought down the line I'd put some in planters. Anyway I plan on having a bunch of these beauties to keep my partner in bouquets all season long (o:

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Well your plans sounds fine up to where you say you want to "keep your partner in bouquets all season long". To do that you will need to think of other plants than peony which unfortunately have a very short blooming season. Al;

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If he gets with the various growers in his area he too can have a couple of months of bloom by including tree peonies and specie ones.

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kendal(8 PNW)

calista, I meant through the growing season (o: I know they have a short season, but maifleur is right I plan on getting several varieties that will give me blooms for a couple months, BUT before I go all crazy and buy up a bunch I'm going to start with three, see how they go then I'll add more.

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