Timer recommendations

brian6464(4a)February 25, 2014

Anyone have a recommendation for a good timer to control 1 Hydrofarm T5 light and 2 basic shop lights?

I'm typically gone 12+ hours per day, sometimes more. Seedlings are in my basement with virtually no natural light, so I want to automate a consistent schedule with the fluorescents.


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16 hrs on 8 off.
Any inexpensive timer will do fine your not dealing with a lot of amps. You might want to install a fan also if you don't already have one. Air circulation is very important also.

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Thanks Dave. I've got some GC's to Home Depot, so I will check it out over lunch.

This has really been a learning experience for me this year. Got a lot of seedlings to germinate using my new heat mat, but completely unprepared for the aftermath. Probably 50% are leggy, although only one has toppled to date.

I should have my setup with lights and timer done in the basement tonight. This should help me keep things on autopilot while I work on repotting the most overly leggy peppers.

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One thing to consider is if your neighbor's curiosity will be sparked by a glowing basement.

I had a 16hr light going in my apartment, covered on all except one side.. but still was enough for the 2nd story corner room of my building to glow in the morning and at night. I wasn't understanding the comments a few neighbors made to me, until someone called the police to tell them I was growing something illegal. The officers were mostly amused at the lengths i'd gone to grow some hot pepper plants in my little apartment. However, my wife was not. Hehehe

Good luck with your seedlings! -E

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Got lights in my GH, and we're on the flight-line between Ft. Hood and Camp Swift. Lots of night activity with FLIR laser-equipped Blackhawks and others on training missions. They like to hover over the GH for some reason.
I need to put a "ONLY PEPPERS HERE" sign on the roof. ;-)

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