powder substance on peonys

pembroke(6--Louisville KY)September 13, 2010

I have a friend that says her peony has a white powder substance on the leaves now. (9-13-10) wants to know what it is and what to do about it.. I told her that I've already cut mine back for the winter and suggested she do the same. Remove the leaves to trash and dispose of them with trash. I know that I'll probably get in trouble with some of you for this but, I also told her to put about 1/2 cup of fertilizer around plant and let winter work it in. I've been doing this in the Fall for years and had good luck with blooms and foliage. Sorry if you don't agree. question: what is the substance and what to do about it. Pembroke

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pembroke, a Google search reveals that this question has come up before--on this forum. Try that search; good luck!

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Sounds like powdery mildew and in your zone your solution should be a good one. Her peonies may be too close together and not enough air circulation could be the cause. After cutting them back I think I would spray the soil well with a fungicide such as Bordeaux mix to neutralize mildew spores in the soil. In our climate they can live over. Al

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Powdery mildew. Cut them down, dispose of the debris.

You can spray peonies, like roses, but if they're in the sun and don't have a problem till cool Fall hits, it's usually not necessary.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Musings

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