Getting them out for the season.

subtropixApril 4, 2013

Today was Day 1 of getting some palms out for the season...Phoenix, Sabals, Queens, Cycads, Butias, Chilean Wine and some other subtropicals (Citrus and oleanders)--anything that can handle some degree of cool weather, or even a light frost. Usually, some of this begins in March, not this year...too cold. Will hold off on some intermediate cool tolerate ones (foxes and triangles), in the final wave...out go the Cocos, Hyophorbes, etc.. The only ones I can grow in the ground (w.o. protecting) are Trachys, Needles, and a few Sabals. Growing season really delayed this year. Come on Spring!

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I'm starting to take things out too this weekend also! I'm going to mulch all my planting beds and take out my alphina, oleander, majesty palms, scheffleras, jasmine, philodendron, and a few other plants too. Looks like we should be frost free for the rest of the season after this weekend, but I'm only taking things out a little at a time just in case.

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I am holding off on ginger and philodendrons--still too risky. Used to get really bummed out by April, but over the years, my collection as gotten more subtropical than tropical. So mostly it has meant emptying a large garage where they are used to the chill. Different going from the hot home to outside btw. My tropicals are in the house, many in the basement. Believe me, over the years I have gotten more cautious about this transitional time. Burned too many times...mostly, not due to cold but SUN. Eventually, you learn the need to acclimate plants to the outdoor sun, and wind. Potted up the bananas. Red Abyssinian, Chinese Yellow, Basjoo, Giant Mekong fine...not sure about the Dwarf Cavindish. Maybe tomorrow I will pot up the plumeria. Caribbean avogado defoliated but stem still green, so hopeful. Same with the tropical guava. Believe it or not, the only thing that always seems to die is the Chinese fans! I have no idea why. Maybe too dry? But no problem w. dwarf Phoenix or Queens. Take care.

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I got them as far as the front pourch but its suppose to be 36 tonight they will have to come back in. it said 35 last night and went down to 24..just don't trust em. they got a good drink and some sun today either way.

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