Identifying the peony!

peony_princessPR7September 13, 2013

I recently got married and order my bouquet to be white peonies only. I fell in love with them! Since the florist that ordered them had more, I bought more after coming from my honeymoon but in pink. Where I live the peony is a rare flower so it's very expensive. There are no more left and mine are already open so I know they won't last long. I want to have more but can't order them from the florist. Was thinking of planting my own. But I want the same ones I had for my wedding and after. The problem is a lot of peonies look alike. Can you help me identify them?
Also, I live in Puerto Rico. I don't know if peonies can live here. When it's not super sunny, it's rainning. But most of the time is hot outside. Please help! I don't want to wait till next year or to have $300 to buy a box of cut peonies which won't last long. I know they won't bloom right away but knowing I have them is enough.

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This is my bouquet!

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Your peonies are very beautiful. But the bad news is you probably cannot grow peonies in Puerto RIco because peonies need cold temps in order to form buds. There is a requirement of a minimum # of hours of freezing for the peonies to bloom. You can grow roses in place of peonies!

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