Fronds Shooting Up, BUT...........

HardyPalmFreak((7b)(Bronx, NY))April 16, 2012

I'm having this issue with all of my trachys - the fronds have shot up and have fully extended upward, but they haven't "fanned" open.

Here is a photo of my Trachycarpus Fortunei X Wagnerianus

I've given it the proper amount of water, fertilization, and tlc. what may be missing???!!! I even spray it with water every night. My other trachys are having a similar problem.

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Is it because they are young and that's what they do

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HardyPalmFreak((7b)(Bronx, NY))

Ahhhh really? I did not know this. Will they eventually open up?

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Putting it outside in the warmth, breeze and sun might help them to open up too. It could be because it's growing inside.

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