Tree peony grafting

gwpalSeptember 6, 2013

Is there a place that sells scion wood for grafting? I am interested in grafting something not already in my garden.

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I haven't heard of anything specific, everything I've read said inexpensive herbaceous roots were used for grafting. There's a new tutorial on the Peonies pages on All Things Plant, though. I pop back and forth between this forum and that one since someone clued me in to it's existence earlier this summer.

Here is a link that might be useful: tree grafting tuturial

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peonyman(Zone 5, Lawrence, Ks)

I have purchased scions from only one source and that source no longer sells. They can obviously sell a finished graft grown on for a year much higher than scion wood. I have done some swapping with other people to get scions of peonies that I want and I have been very successful in building a collection by doing that. Is there anything in particular that you want?

The best time to graft is late summer/early fall. I try to do it in mid-August. That allows a warm period for the graft union to heal. Also taking scion wood that time of the year allows the plant to reconfigure the remaining buds on that branch to bloom buds, this will increase bloom for the next spring. Rather than the terminal bud blooming several side buds bloom instead. I can usually do 10 to 20 grafts working an hour or so in the evening and working on it several nights can get a good crop of grafts going.

Talking about a tutorial on peony grafting... There is a tutorial on grafting tree peonies located at the link below. This page is about 10 years old now but nothing has really changed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tree Peony Grafting.

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This is much more better tutorial for Tree peony grafting

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Peonyman there wasn't anything in particular I was just interested in browsing through the possibilities. There are plenty of sites giving the "how to " I'm interested in the tips and tricks to proficiency. I saw in the Garret Wade catalog a grafting tool; is that a worthwhile investment? How about healing the grafts...I'm very curious about keeping them in the fridge like is mentioned on the HPS site but not with much detailed information. Any ideas on that?

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In terms of grafting, I believe that you can basically use any tree peony wood even if it doesn't have any buds. I have taken off certain buds on some of my tree peonies for the sole purpose of just using the bud for grafting, and I'm finding that sometimes, another bud will form right on the perimeter of the plucked bud like the one in the picture. It definitely wasn't there last fall after I plucked the bud off so it grew some time from October until now.

As long as there is viable scion to align with both the tree peony part and herbaceous part, it's pretty easy. I believe I am starting to see some of my grafts swell now, but I'll need to make more observations on them. It looks like some species tend to wake up faster than others. The rockii's look particularly slow so hopefully they will still take.

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