Peony diagnosis?

darinvSeptember 11, 2013

I recently purchased and transplanted several peonies. Originally they were all under my locust tree, so they were being exposed too harshly to sun. I was guessing that they had developed some type of fungus, so i relocated one of them, to no avail.
Does anybody know what's going on here.
First picture is a krinkled white peony, massive amounts of drying brown leaves, although not all of them are dried. Notice what appears to be fungus on stem.
Third pic, or second plant is tom eckhardt peony, huge amounts of white mildew that I have been spraying with a fungicide for a week now.
Should i just cut these back now?
So lost :(

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2nd photo

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3rd photo

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I have the same problems with some of my peonies, esp. those in the shade. I read from previous posts that the powdery mildew will not kill your plants. Just cut them off to about an inch above the soil and dispose of these diseased parts in the trash. Their appearance seems to coincide with peonies going dormant anyway so it is not necessary to spray. Also, spraying with fungicide will not work if the signs of disease already appear, They will be fine next spring.

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I agree with kousa. Once they've stopped growing for the year it's a good idea to cut back on the watering if you can, peonies are fairly low water plants once established. Definitely get rid of the mildewed parts, don't let them stand over-winter and they'll be as pretty as ever next spring!

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I had the same problem with my peonies this year as well! I cut them back to just above the ground last week and tonight I transplanted them to a different location that gets full sun instead of the partially shaded area they were in. I'm not sure what the variety is but they're a bright pink color and were here when we moved in.

I think the mildew has been a big problem this year though due to cooler temps and a rainy summer (southwest Ohio). Nearly every plant I have that's susceptible to it has suffered.

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Duplicate post - ignore.

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