My Fall Order & Why; What's Yours & Why?

Mozart2(Zone 5 Michigan)September 10, 2005

Having at last - I hope, permanently and not temporarily, - fouled the small deer herd that traverses our back yard twice a day from nibbling our various plants to the ground - I decided to order four Peonies this fall from A & D Nursery.

We love to see the deer - especially the mothers and their babies in the spring - in fact one "child" was born in our back yard a few springs ago - but I don't adore them when they use our small but growing garden as "dessert" for their normal meals.

I originally was going to order DUCHESSE DE NEMOURS (VF)(E)(Calot) which, according to the A & D Nursery web site is said to offer "a large cupped white guard petals surround a full center of light canary yellow deepening to a pale green at the base of the petals; the light yellow center soon pales to white, so the effect is of an all white anemone flower; the medium size flowers, superbly fragrant, are ideal for arranging; plant about 3 ft. tall, strong stems."

After a looking more research I decided, intead to opt for FLORENCE NICHOLLS (VF)(M)(Nicholls) which is said to be a "very large, very fragrant rose-form white double that opens with a blush before turning pure white; petals have heavy substance, stems are strong; an elegant white."

In comparing the two photographs of the Duchesse de Nemours with Florence Nichols, I thought the latter blooms were more exhuberant and I also appreciated the fact that her stems were stronger. "Florence" will be the "centerpiece" between two red peonies - see below.

Here's a link to Florence's portrait:

My next choice came as the result of searching the Peony forum for both fragrant and red flowering Peonies. I can't remember the name of the person who delighted in Philippe Rivoire, but you have my appreciative thanks!!!

So standing to either side of Florence Nichols will be PHILIPPE RIVOIRE (VF)(L)(Riviere) which is described as "a medium-size deep crimson double, almost purple, with an intense old rose fragrance; needs to time to get established; a short plant about 24" to 30" tall." As a lover of old roses and other fragrant plants, I was both intrigued by his color and fragrance.

Here is his portrait:

In my further meandering around the A & D Nusery web site, I came across CHESTINE GOWDY (VF)(L)(Brand) "Bright pink double with a delicious fragrance; there's a creamy white collar (area around the center of the bloom) that gives the flower a two-tone effect; some of the pink petals in the center have a hairline red edge; medium sized blooms on a plant that's about 26' tall; named after a teacher of a one room schoolhouse" and was obviously intrigued by a number of reasons - again, mostly fragrance, the unusual color combination, and the name and the small history behind the name of this Peony.

A few decades ago when I was the President of The Herb Guild in Peoria, IL - one of our members was once a teacher in a one-room schoolhouse. After she retired as the Principal of a much larger school, she entered the Peace Corps and served for a number of years; when she tried to re-enlist, she was told that she was "too old"; so being a "Gray Panther" in disguise (remember Maggie Kuhn?) and being also a much determined, "young" woman, Nellie decided to go back to school - Bradley University - and obtained her Bachelor's Degree and, if my memory serves me correctly - she contined her studies and obtained a second degree. Nellie Poe Powers was a delight and a treasure to know and experience and if I were a hybridizer of Peonies or Roses, I would certainly give honor to this treasured friend.

Here's "Chestines" portrait:

I almost ordered a fifth rose, but I will wait until next year when I can finally decide where to plant the fifth and last addition of Peonies.

The fifth peony is "P. OFFICINALIS RUBRA PLENA (E) Deep red double, a species known to Europeans since the middle ages; then the roots were magical, but only the blooms still are; widely known as the Memorial Day peony,$20.00," which is unfortunately sold out for this season.

My mother grew this Peony in her back yard and always treasured it. It now grows in my daughter's garden and I will add this Peony to my own. Here is its portrait:

So that's my Peony order for the fall.

What's yours and why did you make your choices?

Best regards in your gardening endeavors.

Bill & Sue

Here is a link that might be useful: A & D Nusery

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laurelin(z5a/4b Upstate NY)

Bill and Sue,

My orders this year were a combination of love at first sight and cheapskate curiosity. The "love" order was
'Port Royale,' a dark crimson Japanese peony from Song Sparrow (it just arrived, and looks like a good plant). I saw it last winter on their website, and totally fell for it. I fell in "love" again in the spring, and ordered 'Early Glow' and 'Mahogany' and 'Amalia Olson' from Hollingsworth's. They should arrive any time. 'Early Glow' and 'Mahogany' will find homes in my "hot" garden in the back yard.

The "cheapskate curiosity" order is from Wild's. I know they won't send large roots, but for their clearance price I could try half a dozen plants for the price of one from Klehm's or Hollingsworth, and even use a couple as gifts to a friend if they're really healthy. I ordered 'Mt. St. Helens' because my son is nuts about volcanoes, and he liked the idea of a plant named after his favorite eruption. I also ordered 'Mischief,' 'Polar King,' and a couple others whose names escape me right now. Now I have to find ROOM for all these beauties, since I bought 'Kelway's Glorious' and 'Duchesse de Nemours' this summer. I have to finagle the peonies in among my other plant loves - heirloom irises and daylilies.


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gardengirl_17(z5 OH)

I just received confirmation today that song sparrow shipped my peonies. I will also have to find places to wedge them in between the other plants. for some reason when I'm ordering my mind makes my garden bigger than it is! Here's what I got this year:

Bridal Icing, Nellie Saylor, Pink Giggles, Pink Lemonade, Queen Bee, Green Lotus, Pink Luau and they're sending me Abalone Pearl as a bonus. Abalone Pearl is gorgeous but wouldn't you know that's the one peony I bought at a plant sale earlier this year. Of all the coincidences!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kim and Chris's Garden Page

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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

Peony 'Do Tell' and Paeonia mlokosewitschii -- that's all because I'm really out of room. I'm going to have to switch to my narrower trowel (the spade and the big trowel are now too big) to pop plants and bulbs into what remains of very small gaps.

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Mozart2(Zone 5 Michigan)

Sorry folks, but I've been very busy and haven't had the time to respond to your reponses, especially to check out your choices. Hope to do so in the very near future.

Thanks for your patience and resonses!


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triple_b(BC 5b)

This summer I went to a cutting garden and rose grower who is a friend of mine (same church) and bought a bouqet for my friend and her new baby girl. Included In the bouqet was a Sarah Bernhart Peony flower. Well I had never given much thought to peonies before but this was love. The color, the frilliness and OH! the scent. I ordered one from Veseys and it should be here any day now.
The other day I was at a smallish, locally owned nursery and was just checking out their fall stuff. I mentioned I had a peony on the way, and had to cut a "plug" out of the front lawn to have a place to put it. The girl who worked there said "you want some peonies? I have three in the trunk of my car that need a home. I am moving and don't have time." And with that I became the adoptive parent of more. I passed two along to a friend and put the other one in my yard. She said one was pink , one was red, and the other was white or dark red. I do not know which one I kept but I am looking forward to the surprise.

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