Chuck Colson dead

labrea_gwApril 21, 2012

Former Watergate Felon & co author of the Manhattan Declaration is dead.

(I'll be rude, no great loss)

"We are Christians who have joined together across historic lines of ecclesial differences to affirm our right and, more importantly, to embrace our obligation to speak and act in defense of these truths. We pledge to each other, and to our fellow believers, that no power on earth, be it cultural or political, will intimidate us into silence or acquiescence. Through the centuries, Christianity has taught that civil disobedience is not only permitted, but sometimes required."

Chuck Colson says Apple is run by communists because they deleted the Manhattan Declaration app from the iPhone.

Chuck Colson says that if all Christians don't sign the Manhattan Declaration, the Nazi party will take over America.

Chuck Colson says that if gay people get any more civil rights, it will be time for Christians to revolt against the government.

Yeah well so long & thanks for the laughs!

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For his loved ones who are left bereft (spelling probably incorrect) I extend my best wishes at this terrible time in their lives.

That's the best I can do with empathy I have available regarding this man.

The Watergate people are dying off?

It makes me feel old. Remember the woman who was the wife of one of the big wigs, the one who started talking and saying ALL the wrong things -so they stuck her in a MENTAL institution to shut her up?

I remember telling my mother that this stunk like 3 day old fish and how could they DO that - and though she was a Nixon supporter (conservative from back in the good old days) she agreed with me......Martha Mitchell? Is that correct?

I can remember being a very young woman sitting in a rocking chair with a sick baby and rocking him constantly, at the same time RIVITED by what was going on with the hearings on the television. My husband was stationed in Thailand and I was visiting with my mother/family back home during the first portion of his tour of duty - my father had died only a few weeks before and the hearings was a distracting for me while I rocked my baby.

Watergate was my first deep "politics" interest moment besides the Viet Nam war and the politics surrounding that undeclared war (only because DH was sent there the year before, I admit this), I was a very, very late bloomer.

I remember thinking that John Dean's wife, who was with him during the whole hearing was just gorgeous and so glamorous and had the fashion look I aspired to have despite the fact that I was "Walmart shopper" poor, and later read about her terrible life with her husband during that time.

She couldn't believe he was anything but a clean cut man and a pure republican who would never do anything wrong, despite the lies the press were saying about him.

Her marriage did not end well, needless to say.

The hearings just riveted me to the television, televison being something new in my mother's home - thank goodness for it.

I felt badly for Mrs. Dean, but much worse for poor, gagged Martha Mitchell (spelling maybe incorrect) who didn't live too much longer after the whole sorry mess was over and was so quickly and easily forgotten by most except for me and maybe a few others.

That woman suffered in the hands of the GOP and her husband's hands and then she died, with nobody listening to her at the time when she was speaking the truth - which earned her a spell in the mental institution of the 70's. Not pretty by any standards.

But they won - they shut her up but good.

Sorry Joe, I wandered way off topic.

Chuck Colson, one of the Watergate break in raiders, which I suppose was his tag to his death. It sounds like he deserved it, to me.

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nancy_in_venice_ca Sunset 24 z10

Condolences to the Colson family.

Chuck Colson says that if all Christians don't sign the Manhattan Declaration, the Nazi party will take over America.

I suspect that if the Nazi party were to take over the U.S., it would have Christian members.

Her marriage did not end well, needless to say.

John Dean periodically gives talks in the L.A. area. Two years or three years ago, he mentioned his wife Maureen, and how the aftermath of Watergate changed her. They were still together at that time.

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I am just amazed Nancy, I thought I read an interview with her where she stated that so much damage had been done that she left him. I certainly remember wrong. I hope she is happy.

I'll bet it changed all the spouses of those men who were in some way involved in the dreadful affair.

I always felt that it could have "gone away" and not been such an issue, so easily, if only Nixon had not lied. It was the lie that I thought was the undoing of him. It is the lie that usually is, with politicians and probably people in general.

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No tears for Colson, the crook. Watergate was the start of the downfall of the GOP. They just learned to be smarter in their smarmy ways.

John Dean is now a Democrat, yea, and I thought he was still married. He often appeared on the old countdown on MSNBC and is a friend of Olbermann. He's an old man now. I remember the trial so well and how blonde Maureen dressed. Margaret Mitchell was the only SANE one in the bunch. Poor soul. But that's what Republicans do. Stomp the life out of women.

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nancy_in_venice_ca Sunset 24 z10

I don't think John Dean is a Democrat; when I heard him speak at the Hammer Forum he described himself as a 'Goldwater Republican.'

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My mistake. He sounded like one and was such a frequent guest that I just assumed. Keith rarely had Republicans on his show.

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Well, my Mother did always teach us that when we practice to deceive, those webs of lies we weave eventually come apart... and we end up caught in our own webs.

I wish no ill will on the families of these men, but when the last of the 'Good Old Boy's Club' is gone, it will be, perhaps, a better day... politically speaking... maybe. We still have to deal with the new generation of Ted Nugent types and those who follow.

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Elly_NJ(NJ z6)

Sorry for his loved ones. I hope they cope with their faith.

I must get this in: Colson found Jesus in jail. Evidently he didn't find Him while he was rifling through other people's stuff in the Watergate Hotel.

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The one he found in jail was very political

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