Trinidad Butch Variety

zippy37(Z6 IL)February 4, 2012

I am looking for the Trinidad Butch Type Peppers to grow.

I had a trade recently for Ghost Chili Pepper Seed and I accepted the ripe peppers and just extracted the seed out of them. I can do the same for the Trinidad Butch Pepper Seed too.

If you do NOT see anything on my exchange list, then I will be MORE THAN HAPPY to send you a SASBE.

I would like a good start of at least 10 peppers.

They can be wrapped in paper towel and put into a Plastic ziplock bag then into the Bubble Envelope.

I do not eat them, but I have relatives who LOVE hot peppers and after I extract the seed, I will give the pepper to them to put into salsa or eat them raw; whichever turns them on.



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Quite a collection of varieties in your list. Nothing I can use however, not that I have any Butch T that are producing fruit yet (but I will later in summer).

Good luck!

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