Trachycarpus Martianus hardiness?

james760April 27, 2012

i thinking about planting 3 out in the next week or so but am can of skeptical cuz there rated to a zone 9a the coldest.

does anyone have these growing in a 8b-9a particularly in california. & what is there experience with them? i thinking of planting them in a full morning spot where it will receive about 7-9 hours of sun durning summer & about 4-5 hours of sun durning winter, but durning winter when the sun rises it will hit the Martianus really early!

anybodys experience with them please share, i dont want to plant them to have them have no chance what so ever but if the got a pretty good chance all go for it.


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I dont have experience with them, but I hear they may be the least cold hardy of the trachys (and probably not even the most beautiful either although they do look nice!). I've heard of them growing in sheltered zone 9a's in the southeast so Im sure you can grow them by you as well with some protection. Young plants will be especially cold tender though so protect below 25F, maybe even below 30F if that doesnt happen too often.
I hear trachycarpus latisectus might be pretty cold tolerant when older. When young they are zone 8b at best, but they might be 8a, maybe even 7b when really mature (duration of cold must be a huge factor though). They are beautiful trachys though that I plan on trying out some day!
Good luck with the Martianus!

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T.Latisectus and Martianus are pretty similar in hardiness or lack of it...not a problem if it's not to cold there.

It will need a lot of water during the warm season.

I have had Latisectus and Martianus out on the porch in 23F
temps but there is overhead cover-maybe similar results where
you live if frosts are usually not very frosty-low humidity.

Click for weather forecast

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thanks guys, i might try them out but maybe build a top shelter thing to protect it against frost then. are frost days can get pretty bad, worst lasting 8-10 hours averaging 70-80% humidity durning are frost , but normally it warms up pretty quick so frost dont last to to long. although we do get about 40-60+ below freezing nights durning winter so i have to be careful what a try,thanks again

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