Planting intersectional peonies

karyn1(7a)September 26, 2009

Hi. Are intersectional peonies planted any differently then herbaceous peonies? I was just given a Garden Treasure and really don't want to kill it.


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I do believe they are planted the same as herbaceous peonies.Thats how I have planted mine and I think you cut the foliage in the fall same as herbaceous peonies.Garden Treasure is a beautiful Itoh hybirdized by Don Hollingsworth,what a beautiful gift!

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Thank you so much for the info. I've wanted a yellow for quite some time and one of my DH's cut peony suppliers was nice enough to send it to me. I have herbaceous peonies but no tree peonies and wasn't sure how it should be planted.

Here is a link that might be useful: Halcyon Hill

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I will have a Bartzella to plant tomorrow(from the peony sale). A good friend was good enough to go and get it for me. Here is my question, I have been digging the hole and I can only go about 16" deep, then I am in white clay. I don't want to plant in a sump hole, but this is my only place. What should I put in the bottom of the hole? I can make holes in the sides and also make the hole wider, would that help?

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16 inches is deep enough just use your shovel to attempt to make slits in the clay. When I started collecting peonies I knew that my soil was not what was suggested for peonies and I did not have the extra to purchase amendments to the soil. I did put a handful of any leaves I had available mixed with the clay. I found that if you had an area that was heavy clay it was better to not amend the soil but to loosen it and cut slits in the surounding soil. If the peony grew it grew without extra help other than the slits. In digging I have found that the peonies followed the slits and as their roots grew they expanded the slits and the expansion of the roots cause the surrounding soil to loosen. I can not guarantee that the same will happen in white clay. If you have any friends that do pottery they may want to relieve you of your clay depending on how deep it is.

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As Carol Adelman says want a $100 peony Dig a hundred dollar hole.I would dig a bussel sized hole and replace that soil if I were to plant such an expensive Itoh.If you can get your hands on some potting soil and mix some compost and other soil admendments that would be best.It just needs to well draining soil and clay probably doesn't drain well.Just make sure not to purchase Miracle grow because you don't want the fertiizer base soils.

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I'm going to go ahead and dig out some more from the bottom and then punch holes in it and do the slits down the sides. I have compost, alfalfa pellets, bone meal, to mix with the good topsoil. I'm going to put water in the hole and see how long it takes to drain. I have looked this yard over and I just know from planting other peonies and clematis, that a 2 ft hole will always get me down to clay. The only other thing I can think of to do is make a raised bed around it. That is a possibility. First I need to see what the peony looks like when it gets here. Thanks for the help.

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Carol and I have had our discussions about the $100 hole, however if you just dig a hole,remove the soil, and replace it with your own mixture you are basicly making a container garden. Either you must do a whole bed or mix the original soil with your mix. If the mixture is too light the plant will grow only within the hole and will not extend it's roots into the surrounding soil. When the nutrients in the nice container you have built are all used up the plant will have nothing to draw from. Some peonies will dig through the edge and into the surrounding soil if conditions are favorable but some will not.

Please think about how a nursery plant wraps it's roots around and around it's container. Is this how you really want your peonies to grow?

Raised beds was the reason I actually checked back. They are probably your best alternative.

When ever I read white clay I think of translucent china and wish I knew more about the process.

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I dug the space for this peony yesterday and plan on planting it today. It's a big tuber(s), about 1 ft across at the widest point so I made a fairly large hole. I have heavy red clay soil but I've never ammended it too much because I want the roots to grow out of just the hole I've prepared. My other herbaceous peonies have done beautifully over the years with no drainage problems. Is there any reason I should prepare the site for the Garden Treasure differently? I really want this one to do well.

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I'm kind of like Karyn, all of my other peonies have done well here with the exception of Shimadijan. I finally dug it up after having it bloom only once in too many years to count. The buds always froze. It was gorgeous but High Noon occupies that spot now and always blooms.
I got my original recipe for planting peonies from an OLD friend. she always dug a deep hole, bushel basket size, and used the following; 1 bu peat and compost mixed, 2lbs bone meal, and 2 cups superphosphate. No fertilizer in the top 6 to 8". She told me that after planting she never fertilized again. She's gone now but the peonies live on and I go to see the incredible blooms every spring. I'm getting old myself ha and if this one is good for 10 years it will probably see me out.
I have heard that intersectionals need to be separated more than herbaceous, is this true?

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