Can fungus gnats be killed by freezing

karyn1(7a)February 14, 2007

I had a few pots of cuttings and seedlings that were infested with fungus gnats. The plants have been removed but I was wondering if the gnats could be killed by freezing temps? I stuck the pots outside and our temps are below freezing. If I leave the pots out for a few days could I reuse the soil or just forget about it? I usually use Bt or peroxide to fight the gnats but it didn't solve the problem in a few of the containers.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i would just put the soil in a baggie and microwave it.. see the link .. ken

Here is a link that might be useful: sterilization

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I've used the microwave and oven sterilization methods. I just wanted to know if freezing would work also. It's miserably cold here so it might as well be good for something. lol That way I don't have to make a mess in my kitchen. By the way a great way to get the smell out of the microwave if you use it to sterilize soil is to microwave a cup of vinegar after you are finished. It takes the musty soil smell away immediately.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i close the zip lock .. and never have a smell .... and i dont cook it long enough for the bag to explode .... ken

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Most all insect eggs have survived for eons in temperatues far below freezing, so freezing will not eliminate your problem. freezing will kill the adults and larva off but not the eggs.

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Thanks Kimmsr. That's what I was afraid of : (

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