misleading pictures?

bemidjigreen(z2 MN)September 3, 2008

HI All--I've been shopping for some new peonies recently. Since most of the nurseries show only the flower, I've been searching the web for additional photos of the cultivars I'd like.

What I've noticed is that these pictures vary A LOT from each other from site to site--not only in color but the form of the flower. Even common cultivars like edulis superba look really different from site to site.

Here it is at A&D nursery:

And here it is at Van Bourgondien

I was wondering if anyone knows why this is---is it mislabeling? Do the blooms shape and color vary that much as they age? Do they vary alot in form on a single plant? Are there strains--so that the flower form from one vendor would look different from one purchased from another?

Thanks! Carolyn

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A lot of time the difference is the age of the flower. Some fade faster than others. Color register is another problem. Plants with a blue tint such as lavenders and bluish mauves do not photograph well. Peonies do have different flowers on the same plant. If you have one that makes a main bud with side buds the side buds do not match the main bud by the time they open.

Check out Carsten's website for differences in different peonies.

Here is a link that might be useful: Carsten Burkhart

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I agree with maifleur and only want to add that in your sample one picture is in full sun while the other is in the shade. I try not to take pictures of flowers in cases where the camera uses its flash, as it washes out the color. Al

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haveatry2(Zone 7)

I think the difference is not that huge, these two picture is from different angel, as for the color, you might notice the color setting or balance of the camera.

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