Bulb layering with Peonies?

GKelly9787(Z5 IL)September 14, 2007

I love my peonies each spring. I even love the beautiful green leaves that remain after the flowers have faded. However, I would love to have something else bloom in the middle of the leaves to enjoy in the summer. I tried layering alliums bulbs and it almost worked--but the kind I used were just not tall enough to view.

Has anyone tried this or have a suggestion?

Zone 5-Chicago

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Peonies have such a dense foliage I cannot imagine any plant growing up through them. I also would not want to dig under my peonies for fear of damaging next years stems. Al

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Lilies have been recommended for years to plant with peonies. Just do not plant too close to the stems. Best when planted at same time as peonies or within a year or so.

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