White stuff below ground

deurgesFebruary 9, 2013

I was going to plant basil next to my chile de arbol plant, and when I dug up a hole I found a loose ground with white stuff, as can be seen on the pictures.

The chile de arbol plant was originally in a large pot that I had filled with a pre mixed potting mixes with peat moss, coconut fiber and pine bark, and I then put everything on the ground about a year ago.

What is the white stuff? is it a problem, or parts of the potting mix breaking down normally?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

it NORMAL ...

it fungus breaking down the wood.. or compost in your soil ...

or its perlite from the potting media you put in the ground..

i cant tell ...

turn your soil over.. and mix it up ...

and then plant ...

any divergence of soil types.. or in your case.. potting media and soil.. is not the greatest.. so mix it all up ...


ps: and a pill bug .. rolly polly ...

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Since that is concentrated where the potting soil is I would suspect probably either perlite or vermiculite. I would not think that to be fungal.

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kimmsr, it's not perlite or vermiculite. It looks like really small pieces of bark or fiber (the mix I use has both), but they are white all over, and can be easily broken.

Ken, that was what I was hoping for! and I saw the bug just after I took the picture!

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