Can mowed peonies still be divided??

lizbeth-gardenerSeptember 21, 2010

I was planning on dividing peonies at the cemetary, but when I went out this week the person who mows had either mowed them off or weed-eaten them, The stubs are about one inch tall. Is it still possible to divide? and if so, do I need to do anything other than the usual?

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I would get permission from the cemetery, otherwise I see nothing else different from dividing anywhere else. Al

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Absolutely...if fact, I mow prior to dividing; saves energy cutting them off by hand.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Musings

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professorroush: thanks for the info. I realized after I thought about it that the foilage probably didn't matter, but I've never divided peonies.

Your web site is interesting, especially want to read more about the roses.

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