Momotaro Tomatoes

Okiedawn OK Zone 7July 15, 2008

I just want to mention this tomato before I forget how good it is. How good is it....very, very good

Momotaro is a Japanese tomato, and I think it is a hybrid. I've grown it for 3 or 4 years and it has always been better than average, though not necessarily highly productive. It has been one of those tomatoes that I keep saying "If it doesn't do better this year, I may not grow it again." Well, this year it has done better.

The plants are huge, healthier than most, and it has borne quite a few very large, tasty, meaty tomatoes. The one we had for dinner last night (BLT sandwiches) was so large (22 oz.) that each slice was larger than a slice of bread, and the flavor was marvelous. I grow tomatoes for flavor, not size, but have had a few massively large tomatoes this year, and they are fun to "show off".....not to mention, fun to eat.

Momotaro probably earned its' way onto my "must grow" list with its performance this summer.


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Mmmm...sounds really, really good. I have GOT to pick up some bacon and some lettuce!
Where did you find the seed for this one (assuming you didn't pick up a seedling)??

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


I think you can get Momotaro seed at any one of the good on-line retailers like Tomato Growers Supply. In general, I buy from Tomato Growers Supply, Victory Seed, Totally Tomatoes, Seed Savers Exchange, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds or Sandhill Preservation Center. Of these, Sandhill has the best prices. I won't buy from Tomatofest, based on past experience with their seed (not always what it is supposed to be, slow to germinate, etc.) and won't buy from Reimer because other people have reported bad experiences with their seed.

I raise all my own from seed--I cannot even remember the last time I bought a tomato plant, except for the 4 to 6 extra-earlies I buy in late Feb. to early Mar. to plant in containers for ripe fruit before the end of April. (Although, that might just be a sign my memory isn't what it used to be.)


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I've been gone for awhile, have there been any other surprises in the tomato world?? Wish my Momotaro would have survived.... Sheri

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


The biggest surprise is that, in this month of late freezes and hot windy May weather, a very dry and windy June, and an even drier July.....the tomato plants are huge, they are producing well (if late), the late-planted and deer-devoured ones have made a remarkable comeback, and my freezer is almost full. I'll write a detailed report tomorrow.

I got a new stove....don't remember if you've been on the forum since that happened. It has a convection oven with a "Dehydrate" feature that is simply amazing. I've already dehydrated about a thousand grape, cherry and currant tomatoes, packed them into zip-lock bags, and put them away in the freezer. In the winter, I'll take them out and thaw them, and we'll throw handfuls into salads. The hardest part of doing them is to get them from the cookie sheets to the bags without eating every last one of them!

More on individual variety performance tomorrow. Some of them may surprise you.


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