Is this a good price to cut down 3 trees?

tiger_andy(z6 NJ)February 4, 2009

I asked 3 contractors who gave me estimates on cutting down 3 medium size trees. Two are maple tree about 50 feet tall with 1.5 foot diameter trunk, the other is a Zelcova about the same height with 2 foot diameter trunk, but more massive. The cost estimates I received range from $1600 to $800. All say that they have insurance.

I am interested in the lowerest bidder, $800 job, which will include grinding down the two maple stump, but not the Zelcova because he said Zelcova will not sucker. So is $800 a good price?

I am also a little concerned about leaving the dead roots behind after cutting down the trees for fear of inviting termite. The trees are about 20 feet from the house. Is it a legitimate concern?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Be sure to ask about Workers' Comp. insurance, as well as Liability. I'd even ask to see proof of insurance.

Do those prices include hauling the trees away and cleaning up when they're finished?

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The cost of equipment, the cost of insurance, the cost of labor, and a bit of profit all enter into what a tree cutter needs to charge to do a job. Does this person charging the lowest bid have good equipment, or do they use older equipment that may not be very reliable? Does this person actually have good liability and workers compensation insurance, liabilty insurance that will protect you as well as him. Many low bidding compoanies skimp on this because it is, for tree cutters, very expensive because of claim history. Some low bidding tree cutters pay very low wages and thus have employees that do not always use the safest practices when cutting trees, and if you hire the lowest bidder and there is no liabilty or workers compensation insurance and something bad happens you will be liable.
Around here the average cost of removal of one tree is in the $1,000 cost range although I have had a tree cutter quote a price of $100.00 to just cut down 3 trees.

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So many variables. I had to cut down two huge elm trees last year. Removal of just the limbs, the rest for firewood. They charged $500. then charged again to come back and cut it into firewood. Then I had to find someone else to stack the firewood. (Always a catch to a 'good deal') And I had them leave the tree trunks at 4 feet... I thought they'd make a great place for wildlife feeders. Which wouldn't be a bad idea even now except that they are suckering terribly. Get it in writing, remember the details, and be sure they are fully insured.

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