jennie_in_mt(z3 MT)October 11, 2007

Several friends and I are working on a large order of herbaceous peonies with Has anyone worked with them? Were your peonies as described and true to name?

I would so love some feedback on them before we place the order and send that payment! LOL



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I've ordered tree peonies from them. The plants I received last year were small but very healthy, grown on their own roots, not grafted, and they performed well.

I liked the looks of some of their herbaceous peonies too--just need to talk my husband into giving up some more lawn!

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Google garden watchdog and look them up.

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Do you have the proper documentation to import these plants? You may have trouble getting past both Customs and USDA. Several friends have had difficulty the past several years with imports. Either not going through or extra shipping tagged on after arriving in US. None have been fault of shipper or receiver Our government works in strange ways sometimes.

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peonyman(Zone 5, Lawrence, Ks)


I purchased several herbaceous peonies from Peony Nursery in fall of 2001. The peonies made it fine and they were all true to name and nice looking plants. You really should get an import permit to purchase from him.

Good luck,

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rinaldo(z7b AR)

I received an extensive order from him this year. The herbaceous are essentially small but healthy divisions--the real plus is the price and the relative rarity of his offerings. The suffruticosa and rockii were comparable what American mailorder houses would want 40-50 dollars for and they're not grafted. I would count it as a positive experience overall, although these herbaceous fellows won't be blooming for at least a couple of years judging from their size.

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