Bare Root Sorbet Peony

LindaMA(MA z5)October 6, 2007

I just received a bare root Peony that I ordered from Park Seeds over a month ago. I had totally forgot that I ordered it, so was very suprised to see it in my mailbox yesterday. It didn't give a lot of info on how to plant it, I amended the soil in the area that I planted it, with peat moss, compost and a little bone meal. Looking at it, I had a hard time figuring out top for bottom and when I planted it, part of the long bottom piece snapped off, I put it together, lining it up with the other portion, as best I could, will my snapping of off like that kill the Peony?

I planted it a couple of inches below the surface with a just a little bit of the top(I hope) peaking out of the surface. Is this the correct way of planting it? I'm pretty sure that I have it right, the top portion looks as if there are buds about to grow. It's been unseasonably warm here in New England, I sure hope that it's not going to grow now, wouldn't that be bad for the plant?

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. I love Peony's but have never owned one of my own.

Thank you,


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Although I don't live in your climate your planting sounds OK to me. Al

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You said "the top portion looks as if there are buds about to grow" and a little bit of this top portion is "peeking out" of the ground. I assume these buds are the eyes, and just make sure the eyes (buds) are 1-2 inches below ground, not peeking out.

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