peonies for sale?

katkat(5)October 9, 2007

I love Peonies and the only ones I have are old ones that I have had in the yard forever. I don't know what kind they are or anything. I looked at several websites to buy some and saw how expensive they are. I was wondering if anyone hear sells them for a much reduced price. If you have any for sale could you please let me know?



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Kat, Gilbert H. Wild has a big sale going on right now with some very reasonable prices.


Here is a link that might be useful: Gilbert H. Wild

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I did check that site and the peonies were sold out. All thatwas left on the sale were daylilies. I have enough of them......for now.
thanks anyway....I guess I'll keep searching.

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Try to look for them at the local Costco stores in spring. This spring they had more than 20 varieties at about $13 for 4 roots.

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littlealexa(Chgo IL)

Kat, check your local nursery. I rarely go to a nursery by me because they are so expensive. Went there yesterday though and got 4 peonies, in 1.5 gallons for 7 dollars each. The catch is that they are labeled miscellaneous peonies because their names fell off. Otherwise they look pretty good. I couldn't pass them off at this price, can't wait to see what color they are. Although, one of them surely is a double bloom in white ;o) Good luck, I'm sure you can find them still in the nurseries.

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Also check Walmart starting at the end of January. This year along with the normal Sarah and Jules the stores in my area had two older cultivars and one apparently from Russia.

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