sago palm yellowing after moving to potting mix

sandyisApril 27, 2014


I have a sago palm from local hardware store for in home keeping , its was doing ok but i moved it from its plastic container to a earthen pot and added some potting mix , i dont remember exact brand may be "miracle grow" but now the palm is yellowing slowly
should i change potting mix type soil ?
I am sure i haven't over watered it

also i have a Alberta spruce small "Christmas tree " its also drying , was bought from home depot again

please advise

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Cycads easily suffer root shock, sometimes it takes a year or more until new growth is seen and a full recovery is made. Cycad roots form and heal very slowly. Just keep the plant in a warm shady spot for a few months. Water about every 3 weeks. Be very patient. They are extremely resilient, just very s l o w.

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Thanks for the information

will keep the hopes up and keep watering


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