Bareroot peony just a brown stick!

sfg_newbie(6)October 21, 2007

I ordered four bareroot peonies from a mail order catalog and got four bags with what looks like a thick, lumpy, brown stick. No roots at all! How can I tell which end is up? Each "stick" is about 6 inches long.

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If you really can't tell, I would plant the "sticks" laying down about two inches deep. Of course this would be in a container kept inside. After a month dig one up and see where the roots are growing. You can repot vertical and put out in the spring. I doubt they would survive through the winter outside with so little stored reserves. Al

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If you do not have nice clearly visible eyes on these roots, you should report about it to the mail order company. Peonies are not cheap, I would ask for refund or replacement.
Also, you can post a feedback on this company on Garden Watchdog and the Rate & Review Vendors forum.

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Did you buy herbaceous or tree peonies. Tree peonies do look like dried sticks because they are sticks.

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