help! dug out peonies a month ago, did i kill them?

reddbuffalo(Zone 7 DC)October 7, 2005

Hi, please help! i dug out some peonies from a family garden a month ago and they've been sitting in a bag in my hallway. Long story.. but have i killed them? i'm wondering if there is some hope. Please write! thanks!

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

Not a problem. But get them planted again before winter. You might want to give them a good going over, maybe divide them if they are very big, clean them up a bit.

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reddbuffalo(Zone 7 DC)

THANK YOU! they really look "not alive," so dry. But i'll give it a shot. I HOPE are right!! thanks so much. I dug them out of my dad's garden who passed away very sadly in March and well idiot grieving me didnt get my act together. i 'm so mad at myself... thanks again.

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amulet(7b NC)

Redd Buffalo,

You may want to soak them in water for a few hours right before planting. I do this if any roots I get look kind of shriveled. They usually plump right back up! Sorry to hear about your father. Good luck with his peonies!

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