name? and deficiency?

marko204February 21, 2013

Hello, thank you for taking the time to address my post. Does anyone know why this plant is showing signs of brown dead spots on leaves and the leaves generally have a curled downward shape to them( not sure if you can see that in pic or not) , I also do not know the name of it and hence its requirements. can someone help out? thank you !

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That's a Zebra Plant (Aphelandra squarrosa). That type of leaf necrosis usually starts at a point of mechanical damage, or where the leaf touches the soil at some time.

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Is this outside or inside, Marko?
The blooms indicate it's getting good light...but how often are you watering it?

This being one of my favorites, I think it suits my personality because unlike other plants, it really thrives on being pampered just a little bit every single day. And I mean with water. I keep it in a bright room away from direct light and I water a little bit every other day vs. big time watering after it dries out. Doing this with other plants would drown them (and i speak from experience, haha) but this one seems to enjoy it. The idea is to keep the soil moist evenly throughout but never getting it really wet -- or dry at all.

But I just read today on this forum that this plant is difficult, so perhaps mine is unusual or saving up its grief to release later.

But the photo looks like it may be outdoors -- which should be too much for it in most US zones at this time of year, temperature wise and humidity also.

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its indoors... I will try watering it like you say

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