Saving Pepper Seeds

obrionusa(5)February 26, 2011

I'm thinking of starting to save my seeds versus buying them. I'm having to buy them from several different vendors and shipping is getting the best of me. So help would be appriciated. My garden is at my workplace in the country so my question is this. If I plant one variety at my home each year and save the seeds would the seeds be true to name without isolating them? I know neighbors on each side of me do not have gardens. Behind me is a golf course so Im good there. Actually I dont really think any neighbors close to me garden and if they did I suspect it would be maybe a couple tomato plants. I work out of town so isolation is not an option.

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sounds like you should be ok.

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"sounds like you should be ok." long as your peppers are not hybrids to begin with, as saved seed from them(F2)may not grow true even when plants are isolated. Otherwise go for it.

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The peppers are cascabella, serrano, sante fe grande, jalepono m, ancho, and anaheim. Are these Hybrids?

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If your seeds are from a commercial source, it should state if they are hybrids on the packet. I don't think what you have are, although there are hybrid versions of Jals and Anchos. I didn't mean to worry you, just wanted you to know what to expect if you grow out seeds saved from hybrids if you weren't already aware.

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