Zingiber deficiency or normal?

marko204February 21, 2013

hello, this zingiber officinale plant has been showing signs of leaf tip burn (which has been there for a while on older leaves and has since stopped), which I thought was nutrient burn so I have flushed them and stopped noticing the burn. However now I'm seeing signs of what looks like Magnesium deficiency to me... or nitrogen perhaps? what do u think? Could it be just the older shoots are dying off slowly and turning color ? because new shoots appear to be healthy etc.. anyone have experience with this plant? thank you !

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you are in canada ...

where are you growing these plants..


cold window??

ambient humidity ...???

between this and the other post.. you have 'flushed' two plants.. never in my entire life have i needed to flush a plant... what exactly are you putting on them.. that could build up so bad as to require flushing..

and why not just repot at that point???

you havent provided many facts.. other than your own speculation ...


ps: the other plant is a citrus .. i wonder if anyone in the fruit forum might know anything???

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