Overwintering Chilli Plants

athraelFebruary 12, 2009

Hello chilli lovers!

I am truly sorry if this question has been posed a gazzilion times, but I'd like to add a strange twist to it.

I know some people overwinter their chilli plants in garages or mini greenhouses to help the plant survive the bitter cold months. What I really want to know is, is it ok to have a mini greenhouse inside my house with my chilli plants in it? It will be placed on a North facing window where it will get sunlight most parts of the day.

Do I leave a small opening in the mini greenhouse so my plants wont steam like dim sum?

I live in Melbourne, Australia and even though we do not get frost, the temperature drops down to about 2 - 3 degrees celsius at night and I am anal about my chilli plants.

So if there is anyone who could offer me some answers, please do cos I do have some ricotto seeds!!! ( Yes its a bribe! )



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Ricotto = rocotto

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I'm in Cincinnati and we get a few days of sub-zero (F) temps and weeks of sub-freezing weather. I keep my plants under a bench, out of the light, in a room that is 62-72 degrees. Water them every other week, one time from the top, the next time from the bottom. If any shoots appear, I nip them. They have all survived so far. Come March, I'll let them have light and water them weekly or every ten days.


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