How far apart to plant peonies

gaw1(5/6 Lake Tahoe Sierra NV Mtns)October 19, 2007

Hi all - I am planting some peony roots purchased through Song Sparrow Nusery. I'm struggling with how far apart to plant them. Their website says: "When spacing peonies in a bed or border, allow 3-4 feet for each plant."

However, I'm going for an English Mixed border look and being in zone 5 we have a shorter growing season. The heights for the three types are listed as 20", 28" and 32". I have some Sarah Bernhardts which are only 24" wide after two years. The majority of the Sarah Bernhardts I have are only 1' wide.

I was planning on just 2 feet apart, but now I'm worried. Thoughts?

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If you intend to live where you are now I would expect in the next 10 years your peonies to expand to a width of four feet. Unless they are at least that far apart you could find the lack of air circulation around the plants to cause fungus problems. Planting two feet apart will cause the problem much sooner. Al

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I agree with Al. I have made the mistake of planting too close together and lost the mature plant in trying to move. It is better to give extra room where you can plant short lived plants in the space between than loose a valued specimum.

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gaw1(5/6 Lake Tahoe Sierra NV Mtns)

Thanks for the advice. Back to the design board!

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