Yellow leaves on right 1/2 of the leaf??

habjolokiaFebruary 26, 2013

I find this interesting. In the pic the plant on the bottom right in the green square pot 1/2 of the leaf is yellow while 1/2 of the same leaf is green. Not sure if you can see but the new leaves coming out the one on the right is yellow and the one on the left is green?

Did I over water 1/2 the plant? lol

Though I did separate the white pots that had two seedlings and repotted into the green pots. Could be a transplant shock symptom? But none of the other transplants show any signs of stress.

Should I let it be or when the soil dries up some hit it with light fertilizer?



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I would start hitting it with some light ferts. Looks like nitrogen defeciency. Not overwatering.

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Thanks Jamie, I will let it dry out some, after the transplant I gave it a good dose of water as I had to add additional dry mix for the seedling going into a larger pot Then I will hit it up with a light fert and see how it goes from there.


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